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About my blog

A blog about all the latest in TV show world. On you will find TV news, show reviews, interviews, articles on top shows & other fun TV-related content.

Kristiana Kripena


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About me

Kristiana has been an avid TV watcher for close to 10 years now. And after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science she decided that blogging is the best way for her to combine her love for TV shows and creating multimedia content. So, in the fall of 2016 was born.

When she’s not talking TV shows on her blog or coming up with the latest article idea you can find Kristiana working on other projects or catching up on her latest TV obsession.

Location:   Riga

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We love to highlight new TV shows, up-and-coming actors and creators and products related to all your favourite TV shows or the act of watching them in general on our blog. Therefore, we can offer collaborations on blog posts or social media posts.



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