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Twigg studios

About my blog

Twigg Studios is a seasonal recipe blog that not only focuses on the creation of recipes but also on food photography. i try to create recipes using ingredients that are in season at the time or local to where i live, when i can. I live in Devon with my partner and our Dalmatian archie. I teach food photography workshops in the uk and around the world and i hope to one day write another book. My blog focuses on just recipes at the moment but i have added photos each time i have taken a trip and i think i would love to extend into the travel writing side of things too and share travel info and local recipes from that area, i did this recently after my trip to china.

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About me

I am an avid foodie and passionate photographer how lives a little house with my partner and dog in torbay in the south west of england. This is where i take alot of my inspiration from, as being surrounded by the country side and coast means i have great access to fresh seasonal produce from the farm land and the ocean. I have written two cook books, one of which won a gourmand award in the pastry category and last year i was shortlisted for a ybf award in the food sharing category. i teach food photography and styling workshops in the uk and around the world.

Age:   34
Location:   Devonshire


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