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About my blog

W Books n Thoughts has become a way to write about anything; from cleaning to food, lifestyle, writing or anything else I like. I quickly found out I want to write on a broader topic range & towards the end of 2018, the site had a facelift. In 2020, I decided to branch away from books. Now I’m all home comforts, Writing, Food & Drink. In case you were interested – Why not save the link:

Danielle Mcdowall


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About me

Danielle Mcdowall. I started this site as a book blog in 2017 but in 2020, I had a rebrand to a lifestyle-writing. I am 30 years-old & used to volunteer at my local Library, & currently out of work. I used to enjoy days out with friends before COVID-19/Coronavirus & I’m always looking to try something new. Although I’m classed as disabled, I don’t let that limit me, well I don’t think I do? Writing is my passion, I’m going to continue, until I’m a published. Even with Covid around, I love keeping in touch with friends via Zoom & Facebook

Age:   32
Location:   Cardiff



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 I love strong coffee, lots of alcohol, nice food & days out – which I hope to share with you, as I carry on tweeting, blogging & living life to the full (especially after Covid lockdown rules are eased off).

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