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Winging it with Harper is a parenting and lifestyle blog that is honest about the struggles in life but also some of the wins.

I started winging it with Harper as a stay at home mum looking for something to do and a way to share my mental health journey, Parenting journey and just having some fun along the way. I stepped my toes into the blogging world in 2017 and since then it has grown into something rather wonderful.

I document everything from day out ideas, self care, blogs that are just a bit of fun to blogs that are more serious.

Welcome to Winging it with Harper.

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About me

Hey there! My name is Kerry, I run winging it with Harper, this was a page I started to get me through some dark times with PND after having my daughter. It also includes my struggle with social anxiety, depression and a personality disorder whilst raising my fierce little one.

Writing has been something I've loved ever since I was a child and I never really found a way to channel it until I started winging it with Harper.

I'm a firm believer of honesty in every aspect of life. Especially writing, if you aren't passionate and honest with your readers they'll know.

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Working with Wingingitwithharper was an amazing experience. It was easy to make initial contact and communicate throughout. She was happy to interact and promote with me across all social media platforms so there was an amazingly high profile on all posts. She was receptive to ideas and she engaged me in the timings of posts and ways to make the biggest impact. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.