The Ace offer

In a nutshell...

There are two ways to get your business seen in the media. You could pay to be featured each and every time. That's called advertising.

Alternatively, the media may decide to showcase products/services like yours within their planned features. That's called editorial. It has more credence with your audience and, most importantly, it's free.

The Ace Media services help get you the free stuff.

We're now reaching the media in these sectors:

  • Kids
  • Leisure
  • Home and garden
  • Sport
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Property
  • Business

Setting the scene

Media professionals have editorial space, shopping pages and airtime to fill every single day. Sometimes they know exactly what content they want, sometimes they're all ears to new ideas. Either way, sourcing stories and images to fit a brief can be pressured and very time consuming for them.

Meanwhile, companies and PR agencies like yourselves covet space in these same newspapers, magazines, blogs, TV and Radio stations.

Ace Media's website provides the tools and the arena where the two parties meet to solve each other's problem.


  • An image gallery searched daily by the media
  • News and press releases with permanent exposure
  • Alerts when the media needs your contribution
  • The ability to connect with top ranked bloggers

Ways to secure coverage

The Image Gallery and Press Release service allow you to showcase your brand. Product and lifestyle images are at the heart of Ace Media. We allow your company to store its product portfolio in a place where journalists can actively utilise it for coverage. We transform your image store room into a gallery for all to see. And unlike other Press Release services ours isn't a fire and hope delivery method. Any news you have is positioned in our permanent pool of stories that the media search constantly.

While the Media Requests feature alerts you to specific opportunities the media have. It's a callout for your help sourcing particular expertise, stories and products to go in coverage.

And, unique to Ace Media, the Influencer Outreach opens the door for companies to collaborate with highly influential bloggers.


Crucially, behind the Ace website is a team of staff with over 30-years combined experience in PR and journalism.

All the content that passes through is reviewed by us. We advise where appropriate and vet where necessary to ensure opportunities are fulfilled and the quality of leads is maintained.

All content seen on Ace Media is originated by bonafide registered journalists.

We're not copying leads from other sources.


Ace provides you with great tools and excellent reach at a fair price, whereby just one piece of coverage could represent equal value to that of a year’s use!

The evidence

Everything you do on Ace Media is tracked for its success.

It's a reality that the media rarely inform you personally that they have used your content, and press cutting services are often only affordable by the very biggest organisations.

So instead, Ace Media keeps you informed when your content has been downloaded. This is your evidence and reassurance that they intend to publish, post or air that material.

Flexibility and freedom

Prices start at £20/month + VAT and there's no contract or minimum term.

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