Measuring Success

Knowing you've been featured

It's a reality that the media rarely inform you personally that they have used your content. They're already on to their next deadline!

And press cutting services that 'scour' hundreds of titles for your coverage are extremely costly.

Ace Media enables you to measure success and justify your subscription.

Bundles of information

Every time your content is searched or viewed, we can trace it back to the journalist or blogger.

And whether you're using our Image Gallery, Media Requests service or Press Release service, including high-res images in your postings is essential for their appeal.

To make the media's life easier, we helpfully 'bundle' up both the high-res images and text of every posting you make.

Crucially, we trace these downloads too and this is your evidence and reassurance that they intend to publish, post or air that material.

Justifying the investment

Across the suite of Ace Media too we provide you huge reach.

Brand and product visibility alone, without coverage, has value but our reporting makes your success more tangible.

Typically subscribers find just one or two pieces of coverage each year easily covers the cost of subscribing when compared to the equivalent cost in advertising space.

Unrivalled value

Reporting comes included free with all our plans

So an avenue to regular exposure for just £20/month + VAT.

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