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Digital asset management

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Assets delivers a proactive storage space for all your PR related assets; from images and videos through to documents.

  • Accessible
  • Organised
  • Shareable
  • Secure

How Assets works

Store your high-res digital assets privately for use amongst teams, or publicly for 24/7 exposure

Ace Media tracks your assets and keeps you informed of views and downloads

Label your assets. Include titles, captions/descriptions, copyright, pricing details, and more

Assets seamlessly integrates with Lookbooks, Press Releases and the Newsroom, for fast and efficient content creation

Reach and visibility 24/7

Assets provides your team with the flexibility to access and manage assets anytime, anywhere

Media can work anti-social hours and they’re often in a hurry to meet their deadline, so if they’re able to get instant access to high-res images and supporting text, with no additional administrative delay, it’s a win all round

Adding your image assets to Ace Media’s public gallery will ensure continual exposure to opportunities

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Winning you time

Using Assets helps prevent additional administration and repetition:

Create Lookbooks in minutes, entries are sourced directly from your Assets

Adding content to Press Releases is painless, simply draw them from your Assets

Assets feed directly into the Newsroom feature for additional exposure

Whenever you utilise Assets in our other features, the previously authored information will automatically included. Smart!

Activity insight

Ace Media keeps you informed of views and downloads.

We protect your assets by ensuring that journalists and influencers accessing content through the public gallery are required to provide their details prior to downloading content.

Work smarter

Assets integrates with: