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Smile your picture's in the media

The Image Library is at the heart of Ace Media and your success.

We transform your image store room into a gallery for all media to see. You can incorporate images from your gallery into your media request responses and press releases to make them more appealing to the media.

Media can search and view your images and download direct to include them in editorial features.

Why journalists love Ace Media

Journalists have the task of seeking out content for features and shopping pages, on a deadline.

Sourcing and downloading high-res shots instantly from one gallery saves them precious time and hassle.

The reasons to smile

  • Your images stored but also seen
  • Continuous brand visibility
  • Journalists can download your images 365/24/7
  • We tell you which titles accessed you images
  • We advise you on what images are in demand
  • We include your images in seasonal look books

The likes of Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive all offer excellent file storage services for high-res images but your portfolio will, well… just sit there.

Unless journalists stumble across your products those images will never be requested.

By moving your image portfolio into the Ace Media Image Library, suddenly you have storage solution that also markets your business.

Paying for itself

We'll show you how many times you images have been seen through journalist searches.

Crucially, we'll also show you how many times the high-res image has been downloaded by the media and who downloaded it. This is your evidence and reassurance that they intend to publish it in their magazine, newspaper or blog.

Typically subscribers find just one or two pieces of coverage each year via an image downloads covers the cost of subscribing when compared to the equivalent in advertising space.

Unrivalled value

Ace Media Image Library service comes included with all our plans starting at just

£20/month + VAT for unlimited high-resolution images

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