Interactive visual storytelling

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Ace Media hails a new era of storytelling that combines visual assets and a dynamic interface with superior design and effortless functionality.

Whether you’re telling a story about a business, launching a new collection, or theming a product range, our  Lookbooks will help you create an impact.

Smart creation

Using images and videos stored within Assets, you can quickly generate a digital Lookbook. The pre-authored details for each image and video you assign are automatically carried across

No design skills required. No print fees

Set precise ‘publish’ and ‘archive’ dates to align with campaign schedules

Display choices

Choose from three dynamic templates


Slide left to right through content

Lookbook Carousel

Vertical flow

Scroll through content panes

Lookbook vertical flow

Page flip

Flip through your Lookbook page-by-page

Lookbooks page flip
Lookbook Library

Gaining exposure

Publish via Ace Media’s public Lookbook Library - a central hub for media to browse all Lookbook contributors

Share your Lookbook with your own media contacts and to social media channels

Add to your dedicated Newsroom

Coming soon: Add Lookbooks to Press Releases

Activity insight

Ace Media keeps you informed of views and downloads.

We protect your assets by ensuring that journalists and influencers accessing content through the public library are required to provide their details prior to downloading content.

Work smarter

Lookbooks integrates with: