See what media are searching for LIVE!

Fetch opens the door to a world of coverage opportunities.

Fetch actively puts you ahead of your competition by providing 'real time' access to product searches by journalists and influencers.

Best of all...you can react instantly to those searches and Fetch will deliver your response direct.

Ace Media turns missed opportunities into highly targeted, timely contact.

How it works

Every Image Gallery search term input by a registered journalist or influencer is captured by Ace Media.

Fetch delivers these search terms to you as they happen!

Reaching you via...

  • Email alerts at set intervals
  • Text messages to your mobile

You’ll only ever be exposed to leads from media who work in your selected sector/s

A real game changer

Ditch that crystal ball… Fetch means you’ll no longer need to guess what’s trending or what product features are being planned by media. Ace Media delivers the facts

If you react to Fetch search terms and upload suitable images to our Image Gallery, here's what happens within 48-hours of the search:

  • The image is displayed on the journalist / influencer dashboard
  • We alert the journalist / influencer of your match to their search
  • We present matches in an impactful, user-friendly Lookbook
  • Image downloads are fully tracked

Through Fetch media can gain instant relevant content to supplement their original Image Gallery searches. Every gallery search generates an 'automatic call for content' without any additional effort required from the journalist / influencer.

Unrivalled value

Ace Media's Acebook will come included with our Pro Plan at just £60/month + VAT.

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