Turning missed opportunities into highly targeted, timely contact

FE PR Fetch alert

The Product Gallery exposes your product to searches made by media,

...but what happens if you're yet to include the relevant products in the gallery,

...or, the phrases you authored into your product information doesn’t match those searched by the media?

These scenarios would ordinarily result in missed opportunities

However, with Fetch that’s all changed!

Fetch is clever

Fetch collects all the searches made by media in your industry sector, it knows what journalists are looking for at any given time; each and every search term that flows through our system.

Fetch notifies you of these search terms by email and text if you wish.

FE PR Fetch email

Now go Fetch your product

If you have product that suits any of these missed searches, Fetch provides you a second chance.

Upload these new products to the Product Gallery.

As you complete the product detail, you'll see a list of the 'missed' search terms that Fetch alerted you to. We provide you 48-hours to grab the opportunity and assign your product to the appropriate search.

Once saved, Fetch collects the new products and issues them directly to journalist responsible for the initial search... by means of placing the product on their Ace Media account dashboard.

In addition, at the end of the two-day window, Fetch contacts the journalists by email, incorporating your product within a summary of all the extra content we've sourced them.

A win-win solution!

FE PR Fetch select

Watch the video


Journalists can trigger Product Gallery searches remotely via text, enabling Fetch to deliver search data from mobile activity too!

Triggers, trending & traceability

As well as fetching and carrying searches and product images, Fetch doubles-up as a trending tool.

You can discover precisely when the media begin seasonal searches.

Plus you get insight on any search patterns i.e. hot topics.

Visibility and downloads gained via Fetch are highlighted in the Activity feature so you can see the impact Fetch has.

Work smarter

Fetch integrates with: