Our UK management team has over seven decades combined experience in web technology, Public Relations and journalism


Carl Shaw

Carl’s career in design and technology spans 30 years. Having trained in graphic design during a pre-Apple era, his tech slant led to an early adoption of the internet; managing the development of online business solutions for 15-years. Carl heads-up Ace Media’s technical side, in particular, strategy, feature design, branding and user interface.

Where Carl sits

My skill is seeing where the latest web technology can be successfully channelled in order to create powerful, practical commercial tools. I sit between the coder’s world and that of the end user, acting as a translator.


Lisa Kingsnorth

Lisa has worked in media and communications for over 18-years, initially starting out in marketing, she spent four-years editing a leading business publication in the entertainment sector and later co-founded a live-entertainment specialist PR agency, representing clients in genres of stage and music. In 2012, Lisa established a subsidiary agency specialising in the family lifestyle sector, which was responsible for launching numerous brands internationally.

With an eye towards the future, Lisa is responsible for business development - helping PR practitioners work smarter!

Lisa’s thoughts

As the media landscape evolves and shifts towards the digital arena, practitioners have the ability to capitalise on tech advancements. Our aim is to make it easier for PRs to navigate these changes and reap the benefits they offer by providing a sophisticated digital workspace and integrated tools that allow the user to manage their communications strategy from start to finish, whilst delivering all-important insights.


Rob Griffiths

Rob is Ace Media’s senior developer with 15-years-experience in leading edge programming. He has worked alongside Carl for this whole period creating some of the most technically advanced custom online applications for insurance, manufacturing, and retail sectors. Rob is highly adept at ‘real world’ engineering, ensuring Ace Media’s ease-of-use always comes first and tailored to fit the behaviour and needs of our users. Rob also fronts Ace Media’s support desk. Beyond Ace Media his passion stretches to blogging and hosting a popular podcast.

The future according to Rob

Ace’s success requires us to be at the forefront of technology. But we don’t sell technology, we sell a service. I see Ace gradually moving away from desktop keyboard use and embracing more mobile controls, SMS communication, voice recognition and artificial intelligence. We have to deliver our content to suit how and when and where our user’s want it.


Dion Clements

Dion began his career in media at 21, as a sales junior, but quickly progressed to heading up his first magazine title inside twelve months. This was followed by moves into radio and marketing, before setting up a live-entertainment PR agency, where he predominantly worked on tours and festivals with some of the biggest names in chart music. He is also responsible for running an agency for some of the world’s leading explorers, adventurers, climbers, extreme and ultra-endurance athletes.

Dion’s contribution to Ace primarily centres on brand positioning and communications.

Dion’s view

It is evident that technology - machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing – are changing the way we live and work. Ace Media exists to bridge the gap between Intelligence Augmentation (IA) tech advancements and Public Relations. Our combined experience in PR and web tech places us in a unique position from which we’re able to develop a digital solution that channels sophisticated tech through a suite of easy-to-use tools that PR practitioners are able to adopt on a daily basis to help them work smarter.