Create coverage books without the effort

Acebook is the latest cutting-edge feature within Ace Media targeted at PRs and marketing departments who need to deliver reports on their marketing efforts.

Build visually impactful, data-driven, shareable, coverage books without the need to source the data... Ace does that for you!

Invaluable online and offline reach data

If you've sourced a press clipping, simply upload an image of the article within your new Acebook and select the publication from our list.

If its online coverage you've achieved, just enter the web address..

All the critical reach data is automatically populated into your Acebook for you because Ace Media manage and source all the statistics of each media in your sector.

Learn more about how we source our data at Acebook help

What makes Acebook different

We don't penalise you for your PR success. There's no extra charges if your coverage book needs to grow. You have a single fixed monthly fee that allows you to:

  • Create unlimited coverage books
  • Add unlimited coverage to each coverage book
  • Pull in unrestricted coverage reach data

Plus... our Pro Plan that includes Acebook also gives you:

  • Use of our Image Gallery
  • Unlimited media requests
  • Blogger outreach tools
  • Unlimited press release publication

Acebook comes included with our Pro Plan users and can be trialled for 30 days by all other subscribers.

As an Ace Media user, all the view and download activity from our other features will soon be included within your Acebooks to form a comprehensive activity and results report for your clients

What's on its way

  • PDF generation of your Acebook
  • Inclusion of your Image Gallery views and downloads
  • Inclusion of your Press Release views and downloads
  • Inclusion of your Media Request response views and downloads
  • Chronological coverage data charts
  • Individual branding of Acebooks


If you're spending extensive time compiling your coverage reports in PowerPoint or Keynote, then Acebook is for you.

If your reports are void of the key visibility data your clients crave, then Acebook is for you.

If you wish to better analyse content and make accurate assessments of your campaign results, then Acebook is for you.

Coverage books can be created, shared and maintained in minutes. Not only do we save you time but we enable you to adopt a sophisticated statistical approach to reporting, based on reach metrics – the stuff that counts in a fast-moving digital age!

Unrivalled value

Ace Media's Acebook will come included with our Pro Plan at just £60/month + VAT.

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