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Acebook transforms how you report on your PR successes, winning you time by offering a slick presentation tool that automates the process of measuring and evaluating your successes.

Desktop applications may help you create presentations but they do not assist with sourcing, populating and interpreting the core data that’s crucial to the report. Namely, offline and online impact figures. Sourcing these can be huge drain on resources.

Now, Acebook takes care of this for you!

Use Acebook in conjunction with your media monitoring software to deliver meaningful PR insights.

Measurement made easy

Acebook helps you measure the impact of your Earned, Owned, Paid and Shared content

Quantitative measurement:

Acebook hosts and maintains audited reach data for key offline media outlets. Simply select the title and we automatically and instantly feed this data into your report.

Acebook automatically populates online reach data too. Estimated visitor numbers and Domain Authority scores for websites where you've secured coverage. Accurate, verified data for coverage secured with Ace Media registered influencers.

Acebook automatically profiles reach data and interactions for social posts

Acebook monitors the quantity of backlinks in your online content providing follow / no follow data

Qualitative measurement:

Pre-configured customisable metrics such as tone, coverage type and editorial type.

Input and measure bespoke metrics that are unique to your campaigns

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We capture the viral effect on your online coverage

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Instant evaluation

Acebook provides clarity and brings context to your data

Acebook interprets and illustrates the data insights in a digestible format through a unique ‘Analysis’ page

Automated charts, graphs and data tally to help discern and compare metrics.

Select the metrics you wish to display

Display and assess specific time periods by utilising the dynamic date filter.

Dedicated share links for full report and to content highlights. Share these URLs with team members and clients to initiate remote views.

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Sleek interface

On-screen your 'book' is centralised, and you transition through 'pages' left-to-right.

Not having to ‘scroll’ offers a more effective way to absorb both visuals and data.

Acebook spreads

Keep on-brand with customisable white labelling.

Fastest compilation

Labour saving authoring tools allow you to create reports in minutes

Background loading of all reach data and live updates of analysis.

Full-page screenshots are automatically grabbed and placed on your coverage page.

You can upload additional screenshots or scans of press cuttings and crop them within Acebook.

Download your Acebook in a PDF layout to suit you.

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Work smarter

Acebook integrates with:

Influencer Evaluation

If you achieve coverage from an influencer that’s registered with Ace Media, we tap into the data we already hold for our Influencer Evaluation feature to provide accurate and verified data...not an estimate.